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DIY Transformer Maintenance Tips

As homeowners install more luxury features such as swimming pools, car elevators, lifts and waterfalls in their homes, the energy consumption increases and warrants the installation of a transformer. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the power transformer is running optimally at all times to prevent interruptions and inconveniences. Notably, efficiency in power management can be accomplished through regular testing of a household transformer. However, if you have a busy work schedule, it might be difficult to find time to seek an electrician for transformer maintenance and testing. As a DIY enthusiast, you can make the most out of the situation and conduct transformer maintenance and testing. This article offers expert tips on how a DIYer can maintain a transformer at home.

Use the Manual 

Even if you know your way around a transformer system, conducting transformer tests within a limited amount of time can be a tricky affair. In such cases, you do not have the luxury of double checking your actions. Therefore, it is critical to refer to a manufacture manual during scheduled maintenance. For instance, since the load tap charger (LTP) transfers load-current several thousand times in a year, it needs special consideration during transformer maintenance. Using the manual as a guide, you will find standard operating procedures regarding LTP components in the form of user-friendly schematics and pictorials.

Keep Track of the Tests 

As you prepare for transformer testing, make sure that you refer to the testing timetable. The reason is that the maintenance and test records you keep act as a reference for scheduling future tests. For instance, manufacturers indicate the number of times in a year that their power transformers should be tested. The information makes it is easier to factor in time constraints when scheduling for test routines. Additionally, since transformers are tested at the factory, during installation and after a system failure, proper storage of records is critical to avoid confusion.

Inspect Testing Equipment 

It is good practice to inspect the testing tools before conducting routine maintenance on your transformer. Understandably, technological advancements have led to the improvement of digital testing equipment that experiences few downtimes thereby reducing the need for tool inspection. However, if you are going to work within a limited time, it is essential to inspect your tools to ascertain the working condition. Setting aside time to carry out maintenance on your transformer only to realise that one of your test tools is not working can be frustrating.

If you need help testing your transformer, contact a company like GBE Australia.

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As homeowners install more luxury features such as swimming pools, car elevators, lifts and waterfalls in their hom…

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