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How to Create a Home Base for Your New Boating Hobby

There is a good reason why many people want to live near to the water, and if you're a red-blooded Australian, you may have purchased a lovely lakeside home just for this reason. Once you get everything set up, you will be able to take your new boat through a series of interlinked channels to explore the surrounding countryside, and you cannot wait to get started. If the previous owners did not have any water wings, however, you may have to install a pontoon first so you've got a place to base your craft. This should be more than simply functional, however, especially as you are going to spend so much time here. How can you dress up your pontoon to help you enjoy your leisure time?

Protecting Your Investment

Firstly, you need to think about your investment and pull your boat out of the water whenever possible. To do this, you need to convert part of your pontoon into a dry berth area, and these come ready-made from the manufacturer. They are equipped with a roller system and electric winch to help you to pull the boat to safety and then elevate it out of the water for regular maintenance.

Dockside Protection

Next, think about potential damage to your boat and make sure that your pontoon is equipped with fenders that will help you 'bounce' off the side when you return from your trip. These are made from water-resistant padding to safeguard your paintwork.

All Year Round

You may intend to enjoy your boating hobby all year and will want to know that you can see what you're doing during those early mornings and late evenings. To ensure that everybody is as safe as possible, erect special lighting pods and configure them so that they will turn on and off automatically.

Keeping Things Handy

You'll soon get tired if you have to carry a lot of equipment from your garage all the way down to the pontoon each time. It's far better for you to add a storage facility at dockside; your pontoon manufacturer will be able to suggest appropriate products.

Other Vessels

Sometimes, you may want to leave the boat where it is and head out onto the lake on a personal watercraft. Perhaps you will have a pair of these to enjoy your pastime with your significant other, and you need somewhere to store them when not in use. Many people choose to attach a special frame to the side of the walk bridge so that these craft can be stored out of the way while remaining accessible.

Keep on Going

There are many other ways to dress up your pontoon, and you should discuss those various options with your supplier.

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