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Reasons You Should Waterproof Your Basement

Even when you don't use your basement, waterproofing it is in your best interests. As an area of your home that can leave your property vulnerable to water damage, there are lots of reasons why you should waterproof it. 

You'll reduce your flood risk, no matter where you live 

Waterproofing contractors have an excellent understanding of flood risks in the areas they serve. After assessing your basement, they'll install specialist drainage systems. Said drainage systems alter the way water interacts with your home, reducing the risk of it filling your basement when there's heavy rainfall in your area.

Protecting your basement prevents your home moving

Although you can't see small shifts in your property's location, they do happen over time. Shifts in your property's foundations are more likely to occur when you don't protect your property against waterlogging. When you contact a waterproofing contractor, they'll assess whether or not your home is vulnerable. They'll then modify the materials to ensure water logging doesn't cause significant structural damage later.

It's the first step towards using your basement

If you're not using your basement as a room at the moment, waterproofing it is the first step towards doing so. With foundation waterproofing, you'll stop water from entering your home. Adding the right cladding to the walls can eliminate most damp. From there, you have the opportunity to add ventilation and create an extra recreational space or office. While you may not need the space right now, you could do in the future.

Basements often act as a source of mould

Finally, even the best cleaning efforts above your basement won't prevent it from inflicting mould on the rest of your property. If anybody in your household suffers from certain allergies or asthma, mould may have a negative effect on their health. Additionally, mould often makes homes smell musty and unclean. Waterproofing your basement to stop it from creeping in doesn't just come with short-term benefits. Should you choose to sell your property in the future, you'll find most buyers will steer away from mould properties.

How much waterproofing your basement needs may depend on where you live. If you find it's already suffering from damage, you can use a professional to carry out water damage remediation. In addition to protecting your home's structure, basement waterproofing maintains your household's health. After creating a dryer space in your home, you can seize the chance to dedicate it to whatever purpose you choose.

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