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Safety Measures to Take When Making Leaking Grout Shower Repairs

Tile showers are found in many homes. They add a sleek and beautiful design to a small space. Tiles are very durable and relatively easy to clean. Most tiles are filled with grout and this grout sometimes erodes over time and needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some safety measures to take when making leaking grout shower repairs.

Protect Yourself

Personal safety is the first priority when attempting leaking grout shower repairs. The chemicals in grout are dangerous and can cause health risks. Proper measures should be taken to ensure your safety. These precautions should include the use of a face mask. Breathing these chemicals can cause respiratory problems. There is also a chance that mould has grown in the leaking grout. Mould spores are harmful to the lungs. Wearing a mask lowers these harmful effects. Goggles will need to be worn to protect your eyes because the fumes can be extremely irritating. Finally, you will need to wear gloves to protect your hands. This will protect them from contact with any harmful chemicals or mould.

Protecting Your Tile

The next safety measure will be to protect your tiles. Leaking grout shower repairs require removal of the old grout. If done wrong this can damage the tile. Proper care should be taken when removing the damaged grout. Tiles are easily chipped and cracked. Excessive pressure should never be applied to them. Apply gentle pressure only to the grout line. Tools are also available to simplify this process. Follow all the instructions available when using these implements and there should be no problem. Tiles should then be thoroughly cleaned before re-applying new grout.

When to Ask For Help

The final measure to take in leaking grout shower repairs is protecting your bathroom. Completely dry the area around the affected tiles. This prevents the growth of mould and bacteria. If you cannot tell the extent of exposure you should consider consulting a grouting expert. They will often do a much better job and probably detect important things that you might easily miss. Experts can access the damage and minimize the repair process.  When in doubt always ask for help.

You can easily do leaking grout shower repairs by yourself. With proper precautionary measures, any risk is minimal. Always remember it is okay to get help. Experts in this field are easily found and are relatively inexpensive. With proper measures, your leaking grout shower repair will be safe, easy, and painless.

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